Beautiful gel pedicure ideas 2021

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Fingernails are beautiful. Toenails must be attractive too! Come and change your toenails to be beautiful too. Beautiful gel pedicure ideas 2021 that we bring together today is better. For any girl who likes gel manicure the most. In addition to fingernails The pedicure, do not let it be colorful. Which today we have a beautiful pedicure idea. who do not want gel nail disciples to miss Let’s look at a lot of ideas ever. Whether it’s elegant, beautiful, minimal or cute, there are plenty of them. I guarantee that you will get beautiful pedicures. You can wear open-toed shoes without worrying anymore.

Gel Pedicure Ideas : Marble Nails

     plexiglass nails or magnetic paint At this time, the most popular I can’t just do my fingernails. But the pedicure is beautiful too! Which marble nails like this will make our feet look very attractive!

Gel Pedicure Ideas : Gradient Nails

If you want beautiful nails with a little color I recommend the idea of ​​nail polish in gradient colors. If anyone chooses the same tone color, it will be beautiful from dark to light. or if choosing multiple tones The rainbow-colored gradation is pretty cute at all. The more stars you stick with the glitter, the more cute it is!

Gel Pedicure Ideas : Watercolor Nails Water Color Nails

     For another idea that is as cute as the gradient nail polish. I want to paint my nails like this. which if doing watercolor manicure on toenails It is recommended to destroy the water color on only one thumb. For the rest of the nails, choose a color that matches your thumb. This is how you get beautiful toenails.

Gel Pedicure Ideas : Grid Nails

     Bright, cute line who doesn’t like simple nails. Grid pattern nails are another interesting idea. But for square nails, it is recommended to destroy the thumb of one finger as well. Because if you destroy the grid with many nails, it may look too cluttered. It’s not as pretty as it looks.

Gel Pedicure Ideas : Double Quarter Nails

For anyone who wants a beautiful pedicure, minimal style, but doesn’t want a design that is too simple. Let’s take a look at this idea. With the idea of ​​nail polish in the style of Double Quarter, which will be designed as a block. So you have nails that look beautiful like no other. But it’s still minimal!