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7 "Waterproof mascara 2021", sweat, and wear

7 “Waterproof mascara 2021”, sweat, and wear

. Want to have long and beautiful eyelashes all day long. Even if it gets sweaty, rain or tears. It is still very long lasting, of course, with 7 waterproof mascara 2021 , I recommend this. Used in addition to being waterproof and good. It also helps to make our lashes look

The make-up looks for the DIOR fall 2021 collection

The make-up looks for the DIOR fall 2021 collection

Peter Phillips, Creative Director And the image of the DIOR MAKE-UP department to design makeup looks. It uses the sharpness of the eyeliner under the eyes. To enhance the eyes of the models at the DIOR Fall 2021 collection from Maria Gracia Chiuri. At LONG MUSEUM WEST

"Clear makeup for people with acne"

“Clear makeup for people with acne”

Hello everyone Let’s meet again today after a long time away. So today I’m going to do how to do it for girls with acne to see. With cosmetics that people with acne definitely can use Plus ten digits Hundreds digits Skincare  1. Prepare the skin with water pat. That helps

"Natural tone lipstick" color Suitable for any outfit

“Natural tone lipstick” color Suitable for any outfit

“Natural lipstick color“ helps to reveal a bright face. Even with little or no makeup Natural-toned lipstick will brighten up your face. As well as being taken care of The key to this natural color lipstick. It is compatible with every outfit. The applied lipstick color gives the lips a natural

Say goodbye to dry mouth with lip balms

Say goodbye to dry mouth with lip balms

Honestly, lip balms are one of those things that everyone needs. Not only women but also boys can also use lip balms. But the important point is that we have to choose a lip balm that matches the skin of our lips. Does not irritate the skin of

"Foundation" and skin cushion Smooth and natural skin

“Foundation” and skin cushion Smooth and natural skin

Foundation and skin cushion In addition to focusing on the skin. It is natural, suitable for everyday or everyday, and can also be adjusted as a full face makeup too. There are quite a lot of foundations and cushions that give natural skin texture today. Both Asian and European

Update 5 brands of the best "egg sponges"

Update 5 brands of the best “egg sponges”

The egg sponges were only known in Thailand about 6-7 years ago, although now there is a cushion instead, causing the flow of the egg sponge to decrease But the egg sponge is still an indispensable item. Especially professional makeup artists Because when using the egg sponge to