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"Cosmetics", How to keep it for long time

“Cosmetics”, How to keep it for long time

Our face is not beautiful enough. Endurance of cosmetics and skin care, skin care must be strong as well. How to store it to help extend the life of the cosmetics for a longer time. The weather is hot and swollen like ours right now. We can hardly

Say goodbye to "dry face" and flaky

Say goodbye to “dry face” and flaky

Say goodbye to dry face. How cold I don’t know I just know that I don’t need air conditioning at all. Due to the cold weather like this, We wants all the girls to take good care of themselves. Who still does not know how to take care

"Broken heels" Give out 5 spa recipes

“Broken heels” Give out 5 spa recipes

“Broken heels” together, myself “feet”, it is a matter that we should focus on. If you touch or touch it, you feel rough or rough, and not smooth and soft. It may seem that we are in poor health and do not take care of ourselves. Today, if anyone wants soft

Dark armpit mask recipe Not dangerous!

Dark armpit mask recipe Not dangerous!

Dark armpit . Who has dark underarms but is not ready to go laser? Come this way! Today we are going to share a recipe for a mask to cure dark und Dark armpiterarms in a natural way. It’s a simple recipe. by myself at home Is there a recipe

Girls, don't miss it! "FRU MOR" Skincare from Japan

Girls, don’t miss it! “FRU MOR” Skincare from Japan

Many girls when traveling to Japan Wouldn’t be able to resist buying makeup and skincare products back, right? It is in addition to being good and of good quality. It is also suitable for Asian skin girls like us. Because a new skincare brand like “FRU MOR” will be launched in Japan. It is

6 CICA skincare that people with acne

6 CICA skincare that people with acne

If talking about ingredients in skin care that helps reduce acne and treat acne well what it is. I have to give it to you  CICA or Centella Asiatica extract. Because no matter which skin care product contains a mixture of this substance, it tends to fight acne. Removes acne very well. It’s call acne. very

15Tips for beautiful skin, face & body

15Tips for beautiful skin, face & body

Tips for beautiful skin Good, beautiful skin is one of the most important aspects of good skin care. Until the present day, the skin care with a beautiful cream has many competitive advertisements. This makes some skin care creams so expensive that many people can’t buy them. But

new! Oab's launches 3-step skin care

new! Oab’s launches 3-step skin care

Oab’s launches the latest product. Focus on line products, skin care and skin care within 3 steps. Available in stores. Watsons, branches that offer Oab’s and Watsons online only at one place. Packed with natural ingredients Provides healthy, radiant skin to all skin types. This new skin care has been

new!! "Laneige Perfect Renew Youth Retinol", "95% pure retinol"

new!! “Laneige Perfect Renew Youth Retinol”, “95% pure retinol”

From more than 27 years of continuous research by “Amor Pacific”, the number one beauty leader from South Korea. Recently, researchers have discovered “Super Pure Retinol” has properties to stimulate collagen production and increase the rate of turnover, transform skin cells, help wrinkles. The marks of the

7 "natural cosmetic brands" Answer to the need

7 “natural cosmetic brands” Answer to the need

Actually the trend of Natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics or any type of cosmetics that are extracted from nature have started to trend for quite a while. Plus, there are many brands that come out to meet the needs of organic women in a row. Emphasize more naturalness