Review of Dyson Airwrap “hair dryer” the latest innovation

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Last period Many must have heard. And I’ve seen through a facebook feed of the breakthroughs of dyson, the Dyson Airwrap, hair dryer, and lovellatrendy. I don’t have to wait. I have arranged 1 set already. How good is it? Let’s see.

The beginnings of the Dyson hair dryer

It started with a lot of Dyson trends. Many of you may have heard of the Dyson brand before with the innovation of vacuum cleaners. By the beginning of the founders Because the founders felt that General vacuum cleaner After a while, the performance will not work fully. This was the starting point for the Dyson innovation we saw and heard.

Dyson Airwrap hair dryer how good is it?

If asked how good the Dyson Airwrap hair dryer is, I would like everyone to go and try it at the Dyson booth because I would like to say that it is really good.

  1. Very easy to use: easy enough that a person who is not good at curling or unable to curl their hair. Can be done easily Because I felt that The conventional curling iron is difficult to use, if you try the Dyson Airwrap, it is really easy. Just put the curler at the end of the hair to suck it up> slide the rod up. Without having to rotate the axis at all Soon it was wavy. They have small curls, large waves, good wind, not too hot More hair care
  2. The heat of the core:  Many people who have used conventional curlers, one of the problems they encountered is The core is very hot. Especially when first starting to use Tell me that many people I have to suffer from blistering hands for sure (or just the author, Oo?), The highlight of this Dyson is that it has a temperature control that does not exceed 150 degrees.
  1. Innovative hair preservation:  In addition to easy to use. The very important advantages are It preserves our hair. The wind force of the machine is good. Not too hot I don’t lose Most importantly, the curls are very shiny after use.

How many SETs are there in total and what are their prices?

There are 3 sets to choose from and reserve as follows

• Set Volume & Shape, price 16,900 baht (this set is suitable for people with fine hair or with flat hair)

Have 6 heads

  1. Small curls rolled in
  2. Small curls roll out
  3. Large wave rolled in
  4. Large curls roll out
  5. Comb for limp or fine hair *
  6. Base lift comb *

Set Smooth & Control, price 16,900 baht (this set is suitable for people with thick, large or frizzy hair)

Have 6 heads

  1. Small curls rolled in
  2. Small curls roll out
  3. Large wave rolled in
  4. Large curls roll out
  5. A comb for combing straight, frizz-free, for frizzy or large hair *
  6. Hair dryer *

(* Is the replacement head that differs between the two sets at 16,900 baht)

Personally, he is a person with big and full hair. Went to try to test the direct drive, especially the result is the drive finished, straight hair and not frizz It does not use a lot of heat, I am not damaged. And most importantly, the hair is shiny than before. Personally, it is really easier to make curls. If it is a regular curling iron Will not be able to make waves like this

In this After picture, normally if you want to get curls like this Must go to a hairdresser only But this can be done at home using Dyson. It’s really good.

As for the reason to buy the Set Smooth & Control, the price is 16,900 baht, because there is no need to wait for the warranty of 30 months (about a year and a half) and is a set that is suitable for people. Big and frizzy hair Meaning there is no need to have a comb to lift the root of the hair The roots of the hair can be lifted by yourself.

In the matter of direct hair drives It does not make me as straight as a straightener. But makes me smooth, straight, not puffy

• Set Complete, price 17,900 baht, 8 heads,
a set that has everything

Tips and Notes

1. Do not use the curling iron when my hair is wet. Because it will take a long time to make it wavy And the curls are not long.
2. Do not use the curl when I am too dry. Because it makes the hair even more dry, crispy and difficult to style Should be sprayed a little damp hair first and then roll.
3. Should catch a small bouquet of hair to roll. If the hair is very large It cannot be intertwined at all. It takes a long time.
4. If you want the curls to stay long. The hairspray should be kept in shape because the curls do not stay long and loosen, depending on the individual’s hair condition. The smaller the hair will make the curls loosen more quickly