“Foundation” and skin cushion Smooth and natural skin

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Foundation and skin cushion In addition to focusing on the skin. It is natural, suitable for everyday or everyday, and can also be adjusted as a full face makeup too. There are quite a lot of foundations and cushions that give natural skin texture today. Both Asian and European brands We have selected some of the famous names for their smoothness and clarity, focusing on natural skin work. Let’s smooth the order from low to high. As an easy guide to choosing, let’s go and watch!

Brightening Cover Power Cushion

Cushion Matt Finnich, light texture, not greasy, comfortable on the skin, do not need to apply powder over it. Conceals quite well Thailand is hot and comfortable. Get natural clear skin Make the skin look soft While protecting the sun with SPF 50 + / PA +++

BB Cushion Pore Control

Semi-matte BB Cushion A lightweight, refreshing formula, the Pore ​​purifying complex helps cleanse pores and create a natural protective barrier. You don’t need to apply powder over it. Able to cover a wide variety of marks on a moderate, well-controlled, long-lasting and non-stain

Stay Naked
Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Surface work foundation Not very focused. But gives a very natural finish, not a thick finish Not too matte But if you want to cover up any marks as well, you can use the same Naked concealer to cover up. Use together very well. Suitable for normal skin – combination skin. If the face is oily, it may have to blot the face during the day continuously, but not stain. There are many shades to choose from.

Beauty Blender

A lightweight liquid foundation that adheres to the skin, covering blemishes, redness, to a certain extent. Finish look looks natural, not heavy, giving the skin texture that looks smooth and healthy. I use it with the Beauty Blender sponge and it is very cool! More importantly, it lasts up to 24 hours. There are more than 40 shades to choose from. For Asian or European skin tones, whatever it is.

Sheer Lasting Gel Cushion & Foundation

A foundation suitable for everyday makeup, can be used every day, available in both cushion and foundation types for the skin after use, which is a real skin job, adding that it is smooth and healthy as if it was nourished as well.

All Hours Foundation

Water-based foundation Finnish Look Matt with SPF20 ++ sunscreen is known for its good coverage. And very long lasting Going for a walk, working, or doing a full makeup look will survive the event. Foundation during the day is set very well. As if just finished makeup throughout the day There are many colors to choose from. Can be used for both pink skin, mixed skin, yellow skin

Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum

Surface work foundation Nature brand Free from perfume and alcohol Foundation comes in a serum. Just by name, I know it. Certainly light. Has a mixture of nutrients in the body Provides skin care Leaves the skin feeling fresh. Glow skin looks healthy. Finnish Look Can cover a little bit naturally. Smooth and radiant skin In such a way that if anyone has never seen our live page before There’s no way to know for sure this is applying foundation. The results and features are so good. The price is high as well. But tell me, it is very worthwhile.

Although the foundation and cushion have a natural texture It should not be used repeatedly on a daily basis. Because it may be the cause of various skin problems, you should rest your face, stop makeup at least 1-2 days a week, it is very good, or if you need to apply makeup using foundation stick together on a daily basis. Recommended lightweight foundation. Or Cushion Matt Without having to set the powder again Which may have to choose a mixture of nutrients in the body Is considered to be another option for girls who cannot lack makeup