Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection, nude shade

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Laura Mercier introduces the RoseGlow Collection, a collection of nude shades. Inspired by the beauty of Rosegold, it creates a shade that perfectly matches every skin tone. In this collection, shades are balanced between warm and cool tones, blended with subtle colors and textures. Gives the charm of natural beauty. Adds vitality to all skin tones. And this is.. the perfect nude color collection for you.

In this RoseGlow collection presents 2 of Laura Mercier ‘s signature items, the all-time favorite cream eyeshadow  Caviar Stick Eye Color, creating 6 new shades! Price 990 baht with natural tones of Rosy Neutrals featuring RoseGlow Pearl Blend to add a dewy glow. Provides balancing performance for each shade. To match every skin tone perfectly, comes with Highlighting Powder, limited edition model, price 1,100 baht, highlighting powder in rose pink tones. Provides textures and shades that blend in with all skin tones. Give your skin a beautiful glow to make your makeup look more lively than ever.

available in 6 shades: Bed of Roses, Kiss from a Rose, Forbidden Rose, Wild Rose, Strike a Rose, Rose Thorn.

Cream eyeshadow with 6 new shades! Distinctive with RoseGlow Pearl Blend to add a luscious glow. It can be harmoniously adapted to all skin tones by itself. Smooth texture, easy to blend, fast color set, no smudges, no crease lines, long lasting 12 hours, ideal for applying, lining, filling or sharpening the eyelids easily. Gives a lively look and brightness to all skin tones

Pro Tips:

· Easy to apply and blend on one eye at a time. This eyeshadow formula sets quickly. Once set, Caviar Stick Eye Color will not budge. or smudges
· can blend And pair the RoseGlow shade with other Caviar Eye Stick shades like matte, shimmer or chrome for a multi-dimensional effect on the eyelids.

Limited-edition Rosy Neutrals Tone Highlighting Powder can adapt to your skin with warm tone balancing techniques. and cool tones perfectly to bring your makeup to life. With the power of Rosegold pearl powder, this rose-colored highlighting powder Helps every skin tone be beautiful, vibrant and glowing. and can increase the level of luminosity according to the needs of each person From the soft radiance to outstanding radiance The soft, smooth powder blends in with the skin. Gives the beauty that looks radiant, beautiful, natural.