Update 5 brands of the best “egg sponges”

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The egg sponges were only known in Thailand about 6-7 years ago, although now there is a cushion instead, causing the flow of the egg sponge to decrease But the egg sponge is still an indispensable item. Especially professional makeup artists Because when using the egg sponge to spread the foundation, it will get a look that is light but smooth. Brush or hand are not replaceable.

The part is called the egg sponge, that is because it was initially released to look like an egg. But lately, I have seen different face makeup sponges. There are also many brands to choose from. So which brand of egg sponges is good? We have updated and collected 5 brands of egg sponges to leave.

1. Chou

Even though the egg sponges have been used for a long time abroad. But have to give him away with Chou, the first egg sponge in Thailand. It can be said that it is a brand that made ufabet Thai people know what an egg sponge is. The highlight of the Cho egg sponge is When moistened with water, the sponge will be almost twice the size of the sponge. Does not consume foundation It has a pointed head that can keep details well, available in 2 colors, pink and purple, priced at 350 baht per piece.

2. Real Technique Complexion

Real Technique Complexion, a well-known makeup brush brand, just can’t stand the trend of sponges. Came out to make a popular sponge that has a strange shape from the oval With a cross-sectional shape But still retains an oval layout Causing some to say that it is more apt to use

The sponge texture is soft even when not moistened with water. But porous So will not endure the hand. Its service life is relatively short. Secretly eats a little foundation But the advantage is that it is very easy to find, priced at only 290 baht, and can be purchased at any Watson store.

3. Beauty Blender

Very loud overseas egg sponges, bright pink color, comes in a very soft cylindrical box, almost the softest of many brands, but easily fragile. And eating some foundation, we often see bloggers talking about each other a lot

Later, many other colors were released. To suit different products At present, there are also some secondary products out for use with egg sponges as well. It’s a pretty cool to use, but the price of this Beauty Blender Egg Sponge is 825 baht. You can buy the Beauty Blender Egg Sponge at any Sephora store or online.

4. Shu Cream Meilinda

This one seems to be a dup for the Chou egg sponge, with a similar shape. And the name also secretly creates confusion for newbies. The highlight of the Shu Cream Meilinda egg sponge is that it is very cheap, the price does not exceed 100 baht / piece, but the store has talked about the texture. The texture of the sponge is firm and quite hard. It is more rubbery than other sponges. But if one wants a more affordable egg sponge, Meilinda’s Shu Cream is a pretty cool choice. Can be purchased at Shopee or dealer.

5. EVEANDBOY Beauty Blender Sponge

EVEANDBOY, a famous cosmetics shop with more than 1,000 brands, also has the hottest items like egg sponges. Which is produced in the name of the store’s brand It uses the model name Beauty Blender Sponge. Its advantage is that it is inexpensive, does not use foundation. Can be used wet and dry. There are 3 types of sponge texture to choose from, both firm and firm. High Coverage Emphasis, a lightweight texture that emphasizes but natural coverage and softness that gives it a natural look. Not too tight, 300-360 baht per piece (depending on model), can be purchased at EVEANDBOY shop.

Selection of egg sponges Should be selected to suit our foundation and face. You should also take into account the finish look, as the texture and texture of each brand of sponge is different. May give a different skin look, suggest women should read the reviews as well. Or try to buy one of the brands to make it known