6 “Natural scents Used in skincare and cosmetics”

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The fragrance with women is a match for each other. Who wouldn’t like a fragrance? However, at present there are many skincare and fragrance cosmetics. But would it be better if the scent that we smelled And use it with our skin on a regular basis from “Natural fragrance”, which smell will be interesting? And is popular to put on skin care and make-up list at the same time


Peach scent gives a sweet scent. And there is freshness in it If you choose to use it as a shower cream type, the peach scent cleanser will give it a very fresh fragrance. Suitable for feminine mood the most. In addition to peach, it gives a sweet scent. Skin care or cosmetics containing peach extract It also comes with many benefits.


Rose scent A floral scent that is popular with skincare and makeup. Fresh flowers said to be fragrant. But when it comes to extracting it into a scent to put in skin care and makeup, it smells even better! For the scent of roses Will give a light scent, have a high phenene Or call it a luxurious scent Like a young girl.


c derived from the pods of Vanilla orchids of Mexico origin. We are familiar with vanilla scent more often in desserts than in skincare and makeup. But in some water, they use vanilla to please people who like the sweetness of the dessert as well. Let me tell you that this scent is the answer! Vanilla scent gives the scent a gentle sweetness. To relax And secretly delicious to eat at the same time.


Peony scent, a scent that many women are attracted to, gives a sweet, noble, very feminine scent. If the scent of peonies is in your skincare, it will leave you with a sweet scent. And if in cosmetics, it will give fragrance to the face Anyone who is nearby must be fascinated by the scent of peony flowers. If anyone likes scents that are fresh and fresh, I recommend you skip this scent altogether.


Coconut scent, who thinks relaxation and relaxation. We recommend trying the skin care. Or coconut scent cosmetics This scent is mixed with a gentle and sweet scent. Not Phimineen. Men can use it. There is a light refreshment, not even fresh. But it’s refreshing It is also mixed with a scent that is similar to sweet desserts. In addition to the scent that smells inviting Coconut extract, when added to makeup or skincare, also has a number of benefits. As we all know it is Highly hydrating.


Lavender scent Lavender scent is widely used in spa shops. Because it is the scent of relaxation, relaxes the scent of freshness As if in the spring. Charming fragrance Provides freshness when you use it both in the morning and at bedtime. Anyone who is craving for relaxation, relaxation, and nourishment like going to a small spa, it is recommended to have a lavender scented skincare or makeup attached to the vanity.