“A skincare routine for morning”

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A skincare routine is very important for women who love to take care of their skin. If used correctly, it will make the skincare products more effective. Which results in a positive effect on our skin as well as that


Start your day bright with the right skincare routine. For the effectiveness of that product, let’s see that in the morning. What should we start with? And end with nothing

1- wash your face

Basic steps that girls should pay special attention to Before using skincare Have to wash your face thoroughly and gently pat it dry.

2- Toner

After washing your face and lining your face already Should apply toner to adjust the skin. Let the skin be ready for other skincare. Recommended to apply toner immediately after absorbing the water until dry.

3- Sheet Mask

If you have a little time Using a sheet mask is a great tool to keep your makeup on. It also helps the face of the Dubai as it has been nourished well throughout the day as well. It is recommended to use a sheet mask 2-3 times a week.

4- water spray

Mineral water spray Help the skin look fresher. It is another important step that helps the skin care to be effective. The mineral water spray can also be used during the day without ruining your makeup.

5- slap water / essence / serum

If using multiple things Should choose to use mainly from the texture of the product. Starting from liquid meat to concentrate

6- lotion

7- Moisturizer Cream / Eye Cream and Silicone Moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Both in terms of texture and properties

8- Oil and balm (Blam)

9- sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important step in the morning skincare routine. Because after this we have to be exposed to the sun and pollution, should choose the SPF that is suitable for our daily activities. And nowadays there are sunscreens containing skin care ingredients. If in the morning you need to be in a rush then pick up this sunscreen and use it. Can reduce the skin care and nourishment on the go Considered to save a lot of time

10- primer, foundation and makeup

Before applying makeup, apply primer and foundation first. And then start making makeup that the girls are good at Or, on which day is a clear and light look, you can cut out the primer and foundation.