“A skincare routine for Night”

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In the night part Getting good skincare is very important. Because before that during the day We go out to face pollution Various environments, of course, that the facial skin must be tired. Along with the various issues, let’s take a look at what sort of night skincare routine to use. For effective maintenance at night

1- remove makeup

The first step in a skincare routine at night, makeup removal is the most important thing in removing dust, sweat, and makeup on your face. Should be wiped clean carefully.

2- Wash your face and use an exfoliant / scrub

It’s also important to wash your face thoroughly after washing your makeup. If you wash your face clean, it will help reduce clogging and various skin problems, which will definitely benefit your skin. And the use of exfoliating products or scrubs is recommended to use 2-3 times a week. Should not be used every day Because it will make the skin thin and sensitive to light

3- Toner

Should apply toner to adjust the skin. Keep your skin ready for other skin care.

4- Sheet Mask

If you are experiencing severe external conditions or feeling very tired, your skin needs urgent care. Sheet masks are a really helpful item. Or use a sheet mask a few times a week. For effective maintenance of good facial skin regularly

5- slap water / essence / serum

6- lotion

7- Moisturizer Cream / Eye Cream and Silicone Moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Both in terms of texture and properties

8- Oil and balm (Blam)

12- Sleeping Mask

If the texture is much thinner than the moisturizer, it may be difficult for the mask to absorb into your skin. Recommend to switch the cream with Sleeping Mask or cut one out at all.

TRICK: If the steps are too many, it is too poor to understand. We have an easy way, not remembering the texture of the product, giving us a headache, suggesting “Sort by texture, from liquid to heaviest or most intense.”